Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Another DR Update!

Its been a few days since my last blog. I've been busy, but I've also been blessed with a  bit of DR tummy which doesn't really incline you to do anything which takes you too far away from the comfort of the loo!

Following on from our fruitless trip to P.Plata to the orphanage to see Jason, the following evening around 6 we were sitting on the beach watching the most incredible waves when a group of street kids sauntered on to the beach. Who do you think was with them? ! have to say it was a touching moment as his face lit up and he shuffled over to me and gave me a big hug! (The cynic says he saw a gringo with money! but i'd like to think there is something there) Anyway we had a great time in the sea and these street kids are good fun, but I wouldnt leave my wallet hanging around.

We took him for a bite to eat the next day, and he was a little more surly, but, you know what, so are most teenagers so I wasn't really offended. I saw him this morning and he told me his is going back to the orphanage today. I have promised we will visit him. I do love that kid and I admire his guts.

Another happy lad is Eriason, and Clare suggested that he and a.n.other come back to her house in sosua to swim in the pool. This might seem like nothing, but apart from paddling in a dirty stream, there isnt much opportunity to swim even though you can see the sea from his village. He swims like a man drowning, but the simple pleasures of nachos and dip, soccer on cable tv and then the pool will. I am sure, create a memory which will be lasting.

Back in Esperanza we opened up the school on the Saturday and lead an English class. This is something that 3 of the local boys have set up, and to be fair to them it was pretty chaotic but a lot of fun. However, was there really any benefit in teaching kids such expressions as 'Topsy turvey' Hickledy pickledy" or 'Hunky Dorey!"

But this leads me on to my big gripe which I am going to have to take up when I return. The school in Esperanza is not open enough and the headmaster has little accountability.  I put this responsibility with International Needs and if you are sponsoring a child there, I will be asking you to write as this is not on; For example: The school opened 2 weeks late. It was closed on Monday as TODAY (Tuesday) is a public holiday) The Headmaster needs to be brought to account and if you are paying your sponsorship you have a right to know what is going on.

Please please dont stop sponsoring your child but we have to get International Needs to put some support in place. If he has no accountability he will ne tempted to be lazy. I guess thats human nature. But I'm not happy and it doesn't help that in the International Needs stuff they send me they NEVER mention DR!!!  Sorry but this is where my hearty is, NOT Bakino Faso. Rant over.

Miss all my friends and loved ones. You can reply or comment and it does make a difference. Even do it anonymously if you're embarrassed.

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