Friday, September 20, 2013

Dominican Republic Update(2)

Yesterday we went on the hunt for Jason.

Those of you who know me will know that that little lad is one of my heros: Disabled, Poor, and blessed with a complete cow of a mother. Last year he was begging in Sosua as each day his Mom would throw him out and tell him not to return until he had raised 250RD.

Anyway, recently he was picked up by the police and sent to an orphanage the other side of Puerta Plata. I cant imagine the fear to be taken to a place where you know no-one and no one knows you, and you dont know why and you dont know whats happening to your family. Fortunately there are people who love & care for him and he will get a friendly visit every so often. This was what we were hoping to do. Alas, (or maybe not) he had gone on holiday with his mum for a week! I'll take that as progress and hopefully we shall see him next week.

We had a look round the Orphanage which houses 40 kids. Most were at school so it was pretty quiet. A new boy had arrived that day and he was Haitian & he only spoke Creole. Watch the video and you will see him fight with another kid. You fight to survive! They have 1 computer between 40 kids, & there are fights everyday for it! I cant imagine the lonelines, fear & anger that kid is feeling. Like Jason, he has a story and it wont be a happy one. The writer and the reader of this blog do lead very blessed lives, remember that. (Preach over!)

Have been playing quite a bit of footy recently in both Ascention today and Esperanza yesterday (hope you liked the video of Esperanza) & I have been honoured by being picked to play for Esperanza a week Sunday in a tournament in Peuerto Plata!! It is between 4 Haitian villages and i'm a little worried that they might create a new game called 'Kick the white man!!!'

There's no two ways about it, wherever you are in the world, if you have a football you wont be alone. It transcends language!

The video below shows the change in the weather in the DR. When its hot its burning and the weather has been great but all of a sudden the heavens open and you get these amazing thunderstorms! Have a watch!

And here's a vid of me introducing an old friend Makenson, whilst Clare's mobile goes off in the background!

Speak soon!

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